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Island Creek Designs

Decorative  PVC Coastal-Themed Brackets, House Trim, Gate Panels, Stair Risers  & Shutters  

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May we answer any questions for you about our products at Island Creek Designs? Most people have not seen products like ours, so we wanted to be sure to reach out to you....

One question most people have is about the material we use to make our products. I personally researched over 400 types of PVC and discovered the premium PVC we use... it has a lifetime warranty against the sun, salt air, and withstands big temperature changes. And better, yet it requires no maintenance or painting! ( And it won’t yellow or fall apart like the inexpensive PVC materials )

What people like most about our products is that they add coastal living beauty to you home! All of our designs are copyrighted
so you will be sure to have a coastal living look that is unique and long lasting.

Many thanks for your interest, and please let us know if you do have any questions...

Oh, PS. We are just a small company comprising of one at the moment. However, we would like to offer you a 5% discount for your first order.

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Jan Peterson
Creating Stylish Coastal Homes
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Our Story

We Manufacture Products That Make Your Home Beautifully Coastal. Our Business Grew Out Of A Passion For The Coastal Life And A Desire For Quality Custom Designed Architectural House Trim & Millwork. 

We Pride Ourselves In Manufacturing Coastal Products That Have "The WOW! Factor" And Are Made In the USA With Passion, Quality & Originality. Read More About Our Story...

Premium Maintenance-Free PVC
Board & Batten Style Shutters

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Dress Up Your Mailbox and Add Curb Appeal To Your Home With Our Coastal Corner Brackets! 5 Minutes to Install. Lifetime of Beauty & Wow! Gingerbread For Your Home Never Looked So Good...Also, Use Corner Brackets For Your Porch Columns, Entryway, Windows or Shelves! 

Coastal Gingerbread House & Porch Running Trim for your Entryway, Porch, Deck Railing, Fence, Pergola, Arbor, Privacy Screen Trim, Swimming Pool Lounge Area, Outdoor Shower ...Can Also Be Used Inside For Window Trim, Decorative Wall & Window Molding, Chair Molding or Bathroom Trim.

Our Coastal Themed Latticework Panels Are Perfect To Hide Your AC Unit, Hide Your Heat Pump, Hide Your Trash Cans, Hide Your Well Pump or Hide Your Propane Tank. They also can be cut to custom sizes for fencing, deck and stair skirts, and for privacy screens. Hide Your Unsightly Uglies® today!

Our coastal themed stair risers are an eye catching exterior accent for your entry stairway. A top seller and a crowd pleaser for years. Made of a life long polywood that is elegant and ultra durable! These stair risers have also been used as beach wall decor over french doors, windows and anywhere your heart pleases!

  • Anchor Address Plaque
  • Fish Address Plaque
  • Lighthouse Address Plaque
  • Nautilus Shell Address Plaque
  • Sand Dollar Address Plaque
  • Seahorse Address Plaque
  • Sea Turtle Address Plaque

Our Coastal Decorative Panels can be used on porch railings, entryways or as gates for your home. The perfect way to set your home apart!

  • Sand Dollar/Seahorse/Crab/Starfish Panel
  • Sun & Wave Panel
  • Sea Turtle Panel
  • Fish Panel