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Seaside Dreams Come True

The Foundation- Our Quality & Guiding Principles:

In 2009, we launched Island Creek Designs as a company that specializes

in premium nautical house trim. We further enhanced our speciality by

using only the best sourced "virgin" PVC Vinyl with UV-Inhibitors for

durability in sun & salt air and for longevity, requiring little or no maintenance. Furthermore, all of our nautical designs are original and registered copyrighted so you are truly getting a one-of-a-kind design, adding value and

customization to your residence or commercial property.

In today's world of mass produced products overseas, including many building products, we choose to make our products here in the U.S.A with materials made in the U.S.A. We know from experience that there are many customers & builders who appreciate and support quality architectural products made right here on American soil. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised by the beauty, quality and design of our products. We hope you will too!

The Pearls- Architectural Exterior PVC Trim

Exterior Decorative PVC House Trim: When it comes to the exterior of your home or building, we feel that the architectural quality & beauty of our designs will add elevated curb appeal to your property. Whether you select our nautical house trim for your rooflines, porch lines or gable, it will add an architectural focal point surely to be admired.

Exposed PVC Rafter Tails: Another interesting way to add visual value to your home are exposed rafter or eave tails. Traditionally used in Craftsman style homes, these architectural components add a subtle yet finished look to your coastal home. They also add visual interest and cottage style to your property.

Exterior PVC Shutters: Shutters are yet another key focal point of any home or property. When investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in building a residence or commercial building, shutters add yet another level of visual distinction that sets one property apart from another. Cheap, hollow, resin shutters not only look just like they sound but they also deteriorate quickly. We build custom exterior shutters out of solid "virgin" PVC with fine finishing details & craftsmanship that can be seen. If you are building a gem of a property make sure to add real "pearls" for shutters.

Tying It All Together For A Masterpiece:

Decorative Exteriors PVC Balustrade Railing Panels & Entryway Gates: Moving from your accenting windows to your porch or deck, we make custom decorative balustrade porch & deck panels in nautical or traditional chippendale designs. These are a wonderful way to add a coastal theme to you property and also offer a customized feel & look. Centered in between balustrades on your railing, our panels add an entryway focal point that is inviting.

Decorative PVC Brackets: Our decorative brackets can be installed on porch columns, soffit ends, cupola eaves or gables as stylish coastal trim. We also craft large decorative brackets with no designs to add visual appeal to porticos, pergolas, garage overhangs & more.

Decorative Exterior PVC Stair Risers: If it is you stairs that you desire to add a key focal point too, our nautical stair risers are a fine finishing detail to any home or commercial property.

Fine Architectural Finishing Details Elevate & Separate One Residence or Commercial Property From Another.

There is the overall design of the exterior of your residence but it is in the fine details from the roofline to your entryway that will set your property apart.

Our customers seek to customize their properties using our products to add their own unique visual appeal. Whether a renovation or a new build, we can help you with the desired coastal or nautical feel you want your property to have. With our extensive knowledge of PVC vinyls, HDPE and urethanes, customers often source us to craft traditional architectural components.

Customer service and manufacturing quality architectural products are our priorities in serving you. 

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