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Custom Exterior Vinyl Shutters with Optional Nautical Cutouts

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Measuring The Height For Your Shutters: The majority of people measure from the top of the trim above their window

to the bottom edge of the trim below their window. We can make windows in fractions of 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" . So, if you needed a shutter that is 52 3/4"H we can do this for you. We can make shutters as short as 20" in height and as tall as 94" in height.


Measuring The Width For Your Shutters: Width is mostly a personal preference. The standard shutter width is 15"W.

However, if you have a large home with large windows and plenty of space around those windows, you may want to consider

shutters that are between 16"W-20"W. They will look more appropriate for the windows. On the other hand, if you have a

window that is small or there are light fixtures close to your windows, you may want to make your shutters a little narrower.

We can make shutters as narrow as 10"W and as wide as 46"W.


Send Us An Email with your Shutter Dimensions, Quantity & Shipping Address and We Will Get You A Quote.

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