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Questions & Answers

How Long Does It Take to Get My Custom Order ?

Typically we are 2 weeks in making custom orders plus ship time. We notify customers once we have packaged and shipped your order by email with tracking information.

What Type of PVC Material Do You Use? 

For all of our products, we use a premium quality, solid white 'virgin' PVC with UV-Inhibitors. There are over 400 different types of PVC depending upon no, PVC's are not all the same....our PVC will not warp, delaminate, yellow or rust. Our PVC is smooth on both sides.

Can Your PVC Products Be Painted?

Absolutely, with paints that adhere to PVC! Krylon makes spray paints that adhere to PVC, and Sherwin Williams also makes paints that adhere to PVC and can be color matched.

Do You Make The Whole Gate?

No, unfortunately gates are much like doors and then need to be installed onsite. Often the ground, pavers or entryway is not exactly level so everything must be adjusted, leveled and installed on premises.

Can I Attach Hinges and Latches Directly To The PVC Gate Panel?

Absolutely! We allow our customers to select the hinges and latches they like, however, we recommend 316 stainless steel if you are in a salt air environment.

Do You Make Porch & Deck Railings?

No, PVC railing systems are co-extruded PVC and manufactured in large plants. We do make the nautical railing panel inserts that can be screwed and/or glued into your existing or new railing. This needs to be done to code for your city and state by a licensed contractor or handyman.

How Do I Install My Shutters?

Most customers report that they fasten the shutters to their home with 2 screws in the top battens and 2 screws in the lower battens, and the cover the screw holes with plastic screw cap covers. The type of screws to use depends upon what material you are going into. Concrete, brick, or wood in most cases. Tapcon screws are an excellent brand name. 

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