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Replacement Wood Gate With PVC Gate

Have an old wooden gate that you just love but is in need of replacement? We will do our best to maintain its original design and character.

Just send us a photo and also give us the dimensions and shipping address for delivery.

We will get you a free quote. Have questions? Just give us a call 252.728.7884

Our Premium White PVC Is Sourced With Great Care & Expertise. It will not warp, yellow, rust, rot or delaminate. It is solid and made from "virgin" components, unlike resins that are a melting pot of recycled plastics that will not endure the heat of the sun, salt air & inclement weather. Our PVC has been reported to look like wood and can be painted if so desired.

We can also add Nautical Designs To Your Gate...Sailboat Gate, Anchor Gate, Heron Gate, Crab Gate, Pineapple Gate, Mermaid Gate, Whale Gate, Marlin Gate...Whatever Your Heart Desires!

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