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Top Shelf PVC Equals Premium Shutters & Trim That Will Last A Lifetime

Is All PVC The Same? Absolutely Not!

Most people think that all PVC is the same because the term PVC has been used generically for years to refer to anything made from plastic. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to help the consumer understand is that PVC comes in all types of chemical compounds for different purposes. Some PVC's are made for outdoor use in direct sun and varying climate conditions. Other PVC's are dense and rigid made for marine applications. Some PVC's are made to look like metal and can take hot temperatures on their surface. Some PVC's are extremely light, pliable and made for interior use only.

Most Big Box Store PVC's Are Melted Down Milk Jugs & Recycled Plastics....So all PVC's are not the same!

You have undoubtedly seen white plastic that has warped, delaminated, cracked, yellowed, rusted or turned black with mold. The majority of plastics are not intended for exterior use and when used in the sun, salt air & varying temperature extremes, will deteriorate rather quickly. Just like wood, each tree species has its own characteristics...You wouldn't use #2 grade untreated pine for outdoor furniture and you also wouldn't use treated #1 pine for your indoor dining table. Western redwood cedar, maple, cherry, sapela, teak, oak, white Atlantic cedar also have their own best uses.

Know Your Best Quality PVC Brands.

To further the confusion about PVC, just go to your local hardware store or even lumber yard and ask for a good quality PVC to use as exterior trim board. In most cases, they will show you what they carry based on price per foot, not quality or intended use. We were once handed the brand Royale PVC when we asked for the Azek brand...When we noted that we did not receive the Azek trim board, the salesman said they were all the same. Indeed they are not. You can actually see and feel the difference in quality and structure of the PVC. So it is important for you as the consumer to educate yourself or atleast become familiar with the good name brands of PVC.

®Azek. ®DesignBoard ®ColorCore ®Starboard ® Seaboard ® Flametec ® Celtec are just a few good brand names.

We Use Top Shelf Premium PVC! Period.

When we manufacture our custom shutters and exterior trim, we use the best PVC that money can buy. If you want PVC to last outdoors, you have to use top shelf premium PVC. No it's not cheap but it will last! The thing is that if you go the cheap route, you usually ended up spending twice what you have if you had just gone for quality in the first place.

We use what is called a "virgin" PVC meaning it is not a melting pot of credit cards, soda pop bottles and milk jugs. Those things combined will yield you an inferior composite that is not designed to last for any length of time out in the Summer sun or other environmental conditions like rain, salt air, humidity & temperature extremes. "Virgin" PVC means it is made from the chemical compounds for its intended use... Like not adding antibiotics or fillers to your chicken or beef. If you have ever been to your big box hardware stores, you will see all types of shutters and plastic fencing made from varying recycled plastics. They will not last long and actually detract from the overall beauty of your home.

When our customers receive our shutters they always comment how gorgeous the design is and the quality of the PVC. It has a luxurious rich feeling and our fine finishing touches really accentuate the quality of our workmanship. Thank you for trusting us to make your shutters that are not only stunning but made to last!

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