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Custom PVC Plastics Manufacturing, Fabricating & Supplier

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We have 3 high precision CNC machines in house to handle high production jobs or for quick prototype jobs. We also do custom precision fabrication and also offer vacuum forming services. We are a precision plastics fabrication service as well as being a supplier of plastic materials including: ®Celtec for exterior products needing UV-Inhibitors, ®Starboard for marine projects, ®DesignBoard for outdoor kitchens & cabinetry, ®Colorcore for signage, Acrylic for laser etched signage and Urethanes for building projects.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars: Do you need custom pieces routed for an outdoor kitchen ? Whether you are building an outdoor bar, outdoor kitchen cabinetry, outdoor bar area or desire high quality HDPE that looks like fine metal finishes but has all of the weather-resistant characteristics of PVC, look no further.

Decorative Commercial Building Elements: If you are looking for custom products made for commercial buildings, we can create anything from exposed rafter tails from urethane to custom designed door & window crossheads from premium PVC!

Commercial Signage for Buildings, Businesses, Golf Courses, Beach Access & Parks: If you are looking for colorful PVC signage with beautifully poly-carved letters and designs, we can put our creativity and tools to work for your company. Signs either drive business or traffic, or do nothing. We will get you noticed with class and eye-catching designs.

Order In Sheets: If you just need sheets or custom size cuts, we can ship to you via freight. Quantity discounts for dozen plus.



Have you ever wanted that rich mahogany look for your patio but were concerned with outdoor conditions and how it would hold up?

Designboard® family of HDPE materials provides a solution to traditional materials such as wood or metal that have rotted or rusted overtime. With the Designboard® Collection, it is possible to create luxurious design-quality displays and outdoor cabinetry with a material that is maintenance-free, resists scratches, mold and mildew and never needs painting. It’s also nonporous and easy to work with using standard woodworking machinery and tools. It is available in sizes of 3/8″, and 1″.

HDPE Wood Substitute Product

This solid plastic material offers the rich designer shades & textures of wood, metals and other materials with the durability and weather resistance of solid HDPE. Because of its superior qualities and resistance to harsh environmental factors, Designboard® is used for many different applications including outdoor & indoor cabinetry, furniture, point of purchase displays, signage and wood & metal replacements. So no matter what a company’s needs may be, Designboard® is a great material to consider.



Public Spaces

Barn Door Slats

Polycarved Two Color Signage

Playboard® colorful plastic products are made of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material that has excellent material benefits for playground applications. With children constantly running around on the playground in all different types of weather conditions, it’s crucial that the playground material is solidly built, durable and safe. This material has excellent scratch resistance, are easy to clean and will not delaminate, chip, rot, swell or splinter – making it the ideal plastic for commercial applications. Additionally, the Playboard® material is smooth to the touch and can be shaped using basic tools, giving the craftsman the ability to create rounded corners, smooth edges and colors that won’t bleed or leach.


Imagine all the very best qualities of building with wood without any of the maintenance and hassle that comes with the corrosion due to outdoor elements.

There is no need to imagine anymore: meet the Seaboard® family of marine and outdoor materials.

Whenever building anything—from a boat to a piece of furniture—it’s important to use the highest quality material available if it is going to come in contact with water, snow, rain, sand, saltwater or other harsh elements. The Seaboard® family of materials is workable and cuts like wood, but with the superior properties of plastic.

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